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BBR Bank is a perfect solution for you and your business

At BBR Bank, we offer professional business services. We are passionate about growing business, and we do this through our highly experienced team.

25 years of experience
88 rating by net assets
67 loan portfolio rating
45 rating on loan for entities
58 rating on individuals deposits

BBR Bank started working with KRW cash.
Since May 2019, BBR Bank has been executing the currency exchange service with KRW cash, as well as making KRW &nbs... READ MORE
Dear Customers, Please be informed that that BBD Bank conducts settlements in CNY.
For your convenience, you can enter into international contracts with your partners not only in US dollars, euros, but a... READ MORE

BBR Bank's business portrait

Over 25 years of service the Bank has proven itself as a trustworthy business partner with a perfect reputation.

Equity 6 518 763 RUB th.
Bank’s assets 58 540 620 RUB th.
Registered capital 450 000 000 RUB th.

BBR Bank holds the 88th position based on net assets, according to the data from the «Banki.ru» information portal as of November 2019.

The ratings determine the key indicators of activity which are bestowed upon Russian banks by national and international rating agencies.

BBR Bank (a Joint Stock Company) holds Licence № 2929 given by the Central Bank of Russia for the right to carry out transactions in roubles and foreign currency from 27.01.2015. The main government registration number of the credit organisation is 1027700074775 and the bank was added to ERGUL (National Registry of Corporate Bodies) on the 29.07.2002.

BBR Bank is included in the system of compulsory deposit insurance (№ 795 in the registry of banks participating in this system) added to the registry on 21.03.2005.