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BBR Bank holds a commendable place in the financial services marked due to:

— our balanced development strategy;
— the friendly and professional demeanour of our staff;
— consistency in relationships with our Clients;
— timely use of new business technologies.

Our mission is to uphold these qualities to a high level for development and prosperity of our Clients.

Over 21 years of service the Bank has proven itself as a trustworthy business partner with a pristine reputation. We commit to simple principles in our services:
— We value your time
The clients of BBR Bank don't waste time waiting in line or for a call back.
The Bank's managers promptly provide our Clients with the desired services and information.
— We justify your trust
here has not been a single instance of repudiation of our responsiblities in the history of the Bank's existence.

In 2012 the bank was renamed BBR Bank. This rebranding reflects the new outlook on the Bank’s mission: to provide financial services and take into account the needs and individual terms of each Client, using our accumulated experience.
What do we mean by the term «solutions»? The personification of financial products that the Bank offers our Client and the provision of prepared solutions to our Client's tasks allows us to refer not to banking products, but specifically to solutions.

BBR Bank – the current solution for your business.
The foundation of the Bank’s Client policy involves the high class performance of service and a long-term partnership with the Client. We work together with the Client to create the environment of trust and success.
Working with us provides you with the confidence in your future.

BBR Bank (a Joint Stock Company) holds Licence № 2929 given by the Central Bank of Russia for the right to carry out transactions in roubles and foreign currency from 27.01.2015. The main government registration number of the credit organisation is 1027700074775 and the bank was added to ERGUL (National Registry of Corporate Bodies) on the 29.07.2002. 

Net assets rating: 
BBR Bank holds the 97th position based on net assets, according to the data from the «» information portal as of January 2019. 

The ratings determine the key indicators of activity which are bestowed upon Russian banks by national and international rating agencies.

BBR Bank is included in the system of compulsory deposit insurance (№795 in the registry of banks participating in this system) added to the registry on 21.03.2005. 


Лицензия ЦБ РФ №2929 от 27 января 2015 года

ББР Банк (АО)

«Акцент на процент»

Для тех, кто хочет не только тратить, но и зарабатывать

  • Прибыль: до 8,3% годовых
  • Минимальная сумма
    вклада: 50 000 рублей
  • Срок хранения
    средств: от 1 месяца до 2 лет
Открытие расчетного счета

Заполните заявку и откройте счёт для вашего бизнеса

  • Проведение платежей «день в день»
  • Индивидуальный подход
    Высокий профессионализм
  • Банк-Клиент
    переводы в национальной и иностранной валютах


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