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BBR Bank co-founded a start-up in Skolkovo

BBR Bank (JSC) entered the capital of the startup SmartFox LLC, a resident of Skolkovo.
LLC "SmartFox" is an innovative start-up, during the implementation of the project, it is planned to create a Fin-Tech product that brings to a new level the process of interaction between the buyer, supplier and financial agent in the course of factoring services.An original risk assessment methodology based on data on customer transactions and information from open sources using machine learning, as well as services for three-way interaction between participants in factoring services will allow suppliers and buyers to automate the document flow process, as well as reduce the time spent on operational support of factoring processes in online, setting new market standards for factoring.

The partnership with Smartfox LLC will allow BBR Bank to supplement its product line with services that are useful for the financial services of its clients.

- Currently, the bank is actively developing services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, in particular, we issue free of charge the number of business cards necessary for a business, completed the digitalization of opening current accounts, recently launched a program of standard loans and express guarantees without collateral. Non-banking services of our partners will help our clients to obtain financing and financial risk management in the “one window” mode, - said Andrey Gorbov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of BBR Bank.

BBR Bank is a proven bank for business! 21.10.2021

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